Ohana Blind Vendor

Blind Vendors adds to their presence at Pages & Pages

April 24, 2017 — Honolulu, HI.
Blind Vendors Ohana, the major newsstand concessionaire at Honolulu International Airport, has added digital signage to Pages & Pages in the main terminal and the interisland terminal. Several years ago, Blind Vendors installed large light boxes in each of their newsstands, understanding that consumers want quick information about what’s for sale between flights.
According to Digital Signage Today, “One key ingredient to the success of any network lies in its ability to draw attention with attractive and relevant content – beyond video advertisements. Real-time updates with news and entertainment keep the audience locked to the screens.”
Content is curated by Trofie & ViaTrofie Networks, the content designers, managers and sales promotion agency for Blind Vendor. The Aloha Spirit is combined into real time news updates, sports, entertainment, visitor information feeds. Promotions are intertwined with news and beautiful surfing videos, all designed to engage visitors to Paradise.
Trofie & ViaTrofie Networks is a sales marketing company, specializing in in-store promotions primarily for airport and train station concessionaires.

Pacific Gateway Concessions Brings New Retail Concepts, Technology To SFO

Pacific Gateway Concessions has introduced two concepts at San Francisco International (SFO), Where Traveler News + Gifts and U.S. News & World Report, as well as new interactive technology to enhance the shopping experience. Where Traveler News + Gifts now has locations in Boarding Areas A and G of the International Terminal. The shops feature a variety of products that are made in San Francisco and the SFMADE nonprofit. Additionally, their magazine and book promotions programs are created and managed by Trofie & ViaTrofie Networks.
“SFMADE is a great beacon and resource for our buying teams, creating a meaningful assortment, one that truly reflects the values and interests of the San Francisco community of business owners and craftspeople/ manufacturers, and is something we deliberately do to expose the world’s travelers to what is special and unique in our home market,” says Patricia Carpenter, a senior buyer for PGC.
The Where Traveler location in Boarding Area A will also debut Anything Interactive, technology developed through PGC’s partnership with the San Francisco-based technology firm Float Hybrid. In that particular location, a Beats Headphone display and a beverage cooler engage shoppers. Lighting and a welcome screen are activated when shoppers approach the displays, and the information that appears changes as people touch different products.
“In this digital age, shoppers want information in real time to make better educated decisions,” says Howe. “We are using cutting-edge technology to provide shoppers that education with the touch of a product.”
Anything Interactive also is able to anonymously track shopper interactions and provide data to cloud-based analytics tools. That data gives retailers a better understanding of shoppers’ habits and their path to purchase. Additionally, the technology allows external information such as flight schedules, the time and the weather to be linked to the displays.
“At the end of the day, it’s all about the shopper,” says Howe. “If you look at the response to our interactive displays, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t something they are hungry for. We saw a 205 percent increase in sales units for our featured beverage brand and 120 percent increase for our featured headphones brand.”


SONOMA, CA – April 10, 2015
Sales and marketing promotions industry leader Trofie & ViaTrofie Networks has acquired CircOne Inc.’s retail promotion division. The sale includes contracts with over 150 booksellers, newsstands, and specialty retailers for whom CircOne has provided magazine promotions for the past 11 years. “We have enjoyed that eleven year journey and our relationships with retailers and publishers. It is time, however, to bring this service to a higher level, and Trofie is the company to do just that,” says James C. Gustafson, General Partner for CircOne, Inc.
Trofie currently provides magazine and book advertising and sales promotions to independent bookstores nationwide, as well as to over 180 airport and metro train station newsstands and bookstores in North America. The addition of CircOne’s portfolio of booksellers and newsstands will benefit both the retailers as well as the advertisers who will enjoy the relationships offered by a loyal customer base.
Over the past five years, while major chains folded, revamped, remodeled and tried to rekindle their business model, the independent bookstore stayed the course, true to their roots and passion about books. “Our admiration for the independent bookstore comes from our relationships and observations of successful booksellers like Books Inc., Books & Books, and Vroman’s, for example,” says Trofie CEO and Managing Partner, Christine Z. Crowley. “They have been marvelous educators, and we are fortunate to have learned the value of customer service and supplier relationships from them. As a sales promotion and advertising company, Trofie has been able to create value for magazine publishers with proven performance programs in these bookstores, leveraging their customer base loyalties. It’s a win-win for both store owner and magazine promoters.”
Trofie’s promotional programs for CircOne’s retail customers will begin immediately. “We are adding their sales inventory to our systems and proposals, and evaluating which Trofie-created opportunities will be added,” Crowley added. The sale does not affect category management provided by CircOne and specific services provided separately by Jim Gustafson and Media Solutions.

LS Travel Retail Opens 4 Stores At LAX

LS Travel Retail North America has opened four pre-security stores in the arrivals level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International (LAX).
The company was awarded the opportunity to operate USA Today Travel Zone, Bienvenida Flowers & Gifts, iStore and Malibu Shades through a competitive evaluation process held by Westfield, which develops the concessions in the terminal.
Los Angeles-based Concourse Concessions Inc. is LS Travel Retail’s partner in the project. “We are delighted to be opening these new stores,” says Vadim Motlik, chief development officer at LS Travel Retail. “They complement our travel essentials, specialty retail and food and beverage offer post-security, and we are glad to now be serving both the arriving and the departing passenger in this ground-breaking new terminal.”
The iStore offers a selection of hardware and accessories from Apple, Sony and Monster. Bienvenida features flowers and gifts. Malibu Shades has an assortment of sunglasses. And the USA Today Travel Zone sells snacks, beverages and magazines.
The Tom Bradley Terminal handles more than 10.3 million passengers annually. Trofie & ViaTrofie Networks creates and executes book promotions and ad campaigns in the USA Today Travel Zone, as well as in RELAY and The Economist newsstand, both in the Tom Bradley International Terminal LAX.