ViaTrofie’s powerful digital network takes your message directly to the consumer base you are targeting and produces successful, measurable results.

We are here to supply you with the most comprehensive assortment of quality venues in airports, turnpike & train stations.

Engaging the Mobile/On-the-Go Consumer

The largest and fastest-growing segment of the population gets their information on-the-go, makes last-minute buying decisions and relies on contextually relevant, targeted messages to decide what to buy, when and where.
Trofie reaches this key demographic of well-educated and tech-savvy business decision makers with advertising saturation on a nationwide retail network that includes over 150 high-traffic locations in the busiest airports in the U.S.

Effective Shopper Marketing Programs

Millions of affluent* passengers are exposed to hyper-targeted, in-store advertising messages and promotions through Trofie’s mix of high-impact digital TV screens, lightbox displays, special placement, coupons and sampling. Ads reach this high value demographic when they are receptive, motivated, and can instantly convert an impulse into a purchase.

Put Your Message in the Path of Consumers

Trofie’s expertise in place-based advertising gives clients a critical advantage in capturing the highly mobile consumer who cannot be reached by conventional media, offering them direct impact on shoppers at the point of sale and driving purchase intent.
*Viewers of Digital TV Screens in Airports are 75% More Likely to be Affluent Than the Population at Large Arbitron Out-of-Home Digital Video Display Study 2009