Christine Z. Crowley

CEO/Managing Partner Christine is responsible for managing the partnerships with Trofie retailers, ensuring they each receive the best practices from Team Trofie’s multi-talented members, including the implementation of innovative marketing programs and cutting-edge technologies that reach and engage today’s on-the-go consumer. Trofie has expanded advertising and promotional options with initiatives that result in dramatic revenue increases for retailers and guaranteed reach for advertisers, delivering them one of the most desirable demographic groups on a daily basis.

Paul J. Crowley

Partner/Creative Director Paul’s creative imprint on the landscape environment of newsstands is recognized throughout the industry. With an extensive career in all facets of media from fine art to commercial broadcasting, Paul brings a rich and varied palette to client’s projects. A co-founder of Trofie, Paul designed the first reading centers for Safeway Supermarkets, Lucky Supermarkets, and magazine fixtures for Host, WHSmith, CA One, and Compass Books SFO and Downtown Disney. He consults in Digital Media at Trofie.

Stacie Hedley

General Sales Manager, Sonoma Stacie joined Trofie in 2001 following more than a decade with AOL/Time Warner. Her insight and strategic knowledge of the industry gives clients an inside edge in developing powerful and effective programs that meet and exceed their goals.
As General Sales Manager, she directs the development and implementation of Team Trofie’s high-performance marketing programs and is also responsible for research on potential new product launches for Trofie retailers. Stacie and Team Trofie work closely together to sell Trofie’ $10 million in promotional inventory annually.

Terry Kraml

Book Sales Director & Buyer, ChicagoBooks often represent over 40 percent of a newsstand’s business, and Trofie clients look to Terry to apply the insight and industry acumen she has gained throughout her 20-plus year career to enhance their book business. Prior to joining Trofie, she was Book Transportation Manager for Chas. Levy Circulation Company in Chicago.
Terry has developed breakout marketing strategies to maximize key book categories nationwide. With smart buying and custom marketing campaigns that target the airport traveler, these programs generate powerful results for retailers. Trofie’s progressive and unique sales opportunities are held in high esteem by the publishing community.

Jason Zelich

Website & Brand Development Strategist Jason keeps us looking pretty, plain a simple. With all of our hustle and bustle we sometimes forget how we’re looking to the outside world ! This is where Jason’s 15 years of experience comes in and keeps Trofie looking good both on and offline. Jason also helps to provide multimedia for our ViaTrofie partners and retailers.
His creative abilities and his constant awareness to the horizons, Trofie and ViaTrofie are sure to be getting the most cutting edge and concurrent media and design out of this guy. We’re happy to have him on board !